Who We are:

 Advocates for Future Generations to Live a Conscious Life with Purpose

We are a group of highly experienced professionals committed to improving the lives of others. 

As counselors, hypnotherapists, and coaches we are exposed to clients who are unhappy, unfulfilled, living broken lives - suffering with no purpose, no hope, and no coping skills.  Their homes and society have failed them from the very beginning by neglecting to teach essential life skills and values.  

In helping these individuals get out of their own way by healing from their past trauma - overcoming the cycles of dysfunction we have come to realize how important and how powerful it is to start this work and process from infancy.


Because many of the board members have also been raised in dysfunctional and abusive homes we take the expression, “If I knew then what I know now…” very seriously. We envision a world where children are raised with love, kindness, understanding, and proper guidance to learn to do for themselves and solve problems.  We want to provide everything we know now to every child from the earliest ages to truly live a happy, meaningful life of joy and purpose with extraordinary strength and confidence.  We want every child to discover their high self worth and true infinite potential from the very beginning.

   The Brilliant Future Foundation volunteers and board members are determined to eliminate all of the cycles of dysfunction. Our mission is clear and our goal is personal to us. We are committed to truly improving the quality and meaning of everyone’s life. 

Geozuwa, Founder - President

Majea Cuantum - VP

Lotoya Charles - Board Member

Julie-Ann Zilavy - Board Member

Lynette Azar - Board Member

BFF's Vision

We envision a community of highly qualified volunteers raising children from the earliest ages in the healthiest, most loving, and supportive environment.  


Whether you have experienced a dysfunctional environment growing up or not - you have experienced the density and weight of this world.  You have experienced pain, suffering, loss, and disappointments.  Do you always handle your situations in the best possible manner?  Do you sometimes wish you can go back in time and change certain things?  Do you sometimes wish you had better parents?  Parents who truly loved you or at least parents who really prepared you for the world?


How would your life be different if you learned coping skills as a child?  How would your life be different if you knew how to critically and creatively solve all problems?  How would your life be different if you understood the nature of the law of attraction?  How would your life be different if you learned how to be in relationships of all kinds?  How would your life be different if you always had strength, courage, and confidence in yourself?  How would your life be different if you did not fear failure because you were optimistic, positive, and had faith in yourself?  


Each child will learn meditation and self-hypnosis to discover themselves and the power of their mind.  As a part of their schooling they will continuously be challenged to solve problems with critical, logical, and creative thinking.  They will be guided to develop a healthy self-love and self-worth.  Each child will know that it is ok to face obstacles with an amazing confidence to persevere.  From the very start the children will learn to respect themselves and others through practical lessons and real time scenarios.  They will learn how to create and nurture the various types of relationships.

Each home will have a garden for the children to plant and grow delicious true organic produce.  Every child will learn to be responsible for their living space and the surrounding environment.  A healthy structure of fun and discipline will be instilled throughout their childhood.  The community will also provide every child with the opportunity to study and master martial arts, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, woodworking, crafts,


Help us build a community that will dramatically make this world a better place generation after generation - starting with our children NOW!  Help us provide all of the knowledge and wisdom to live a happy, healthy, meaningful, purposeful and abundant life to our children NOW!

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