BFF will be hosting various fundraising events in the near future. Some of the events are listed below. Dates and locations have not been finalized for these events. To stay in the loop when these events will take place, enter your email below so that we will make sure to keep you informed! If you would like to host an event, or volunteer please contact Geozuwa at your earliest convenience. 

Women Eating Donut

For those of you who have a sweet tooth we've got you covered! We will host several bake sales and farmers markets from the donated and harvest plants and goodies!


Bake Sale

Washing the Car

Car washes are one of the most old school fundraisers of all time-- yet still to this day have a high rate of success! One of our events will be raising money through local car washes hosted by volunteers and young foster adults. 

We know how important having a flashy car is!

Local car Wash


Who doesn't like dinner and expansion of the mind? This is the perfect combination! We will be hosting dinner and channeling sessions for those in the city or community who wish to have an exciting night out while learning more about the universe and hearing directly from spirit guides channeled through a human!

Reach the other side!

Dinner and Channeling

Poker Table

Are you secretly a gambler? Use your gambling skills and abilities toward a cause that will not only help hundreds of people, but will also help you meet others from the community who have lots in common with you! Stay tuned for dates and locations for our poker events!

Bring your luck

Poker Tournament


Various healing workshops will be offered where one can learn to heal themselves and others. All proceeds will go toward BFF.

Expand your mind 

Healing Workshops


We will be hosting several mixers where one can meet new people within the community, and possibly find a perfect match!

Let's get social!

Mixers and speed Dating

cruise ship in water

Join the friendly seas and allow yourself to not only have a few cocktails outside on the rooftop, but also learn more about yourself, your spirituality, and connecting with the higher faculties of your mind, and source energy!

Let's set sail!

Spiritual Cruises


New life Expos are great places to not only meet people who are interested in spirituality, but also cross the paths of hundreds of people who are interested in making the community a better place!

Meet others on the same level

New life Expos