Personal development is a skill that every age continues to work on throughout a lifetime. With our workshops we will be providing Free self hypnosis, financial management, and life/coping skills workshops for Veterans, Teens, and Young Adults.

Where will our resources be coming from?

We will be partnering with other non-profit organizations in the community we set up live in-person classes in which we teach our groups valuable life skills - how to maintain a healthy and clean home, how to fix things, how to care for their living space, how to budget, save, maximize their utilization of earnings, and more.

What else is included?

We also be providing FREE workshops to learn meditation and self-hypnosis. With self-hypnosis one can easily cope with any stressful situations, effortlessly overcoming any of life’s bumps in the road.

With self-hypnosis skills the people we serve will have the powerful tools for dealing with, and healing from, past traumas. Self- hypnosis can be used to build a mindset of confidence empowering the individual to succeed and live a healthy life.

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