In order to build this community we are asking for all sorts of donations from land to cars to office supplies! EVERYTHING HELPS! 

The following are items that we could use for multiple purposes to assist us with our cause and the community we wish to build. If you  ((or someone you know)) has any of the following items that you are looking to donate, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


 Thank you for your generosity and involvement in making the BFF vision a true reality!!



 The smaller buildable lots will be utilized to construct the single family homes, with their own gardens for the groups we serve through some of our programs.  The larger acreage will be utilized to build our self sustaining community of homesteads with a healing and evolved learning center for children.



This will be used during the construction process of the buildings

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Old computers and laptops 

These will be used for education purposes such as research, and classes for the community.

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Pick-up truck

This will be used to transport gardening and building supplies throughout the community.

Originally art pieces and gift baskets

These will be used to sell at our events and fundraisers to raise money for our homeless population

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Office Supplies

These will be used for various office work, teaching of students, and conducting classes.


Used Vehicles

These will be given to the community (disabled veterans and young adults) as well as transportation for some of our programs. Later it will be resold on behalf of  the foundation and programs so we can continue to create a better community.

Gardening Tools

When teaching self sustaining gardening and planting, these tools will be used to tender and harvest the crops


Gift Cards

Gift cards and certificates will be used as raffle prizes and auctions at our events!